Virtually means remote... we don't work from your office.

The obvious advantage of using a remote or virtual workforce are the lower costs and lower overheads.

Put simply, you do not have to pay for:

    • Recruitment Costs
    • Kiwisaver and ACC costs
    • Annual Leave, Public Holiday and Sick Leave costs
    • Computer and Software costs
    • Additional Office space costs.

What you do get is a focused resource that has specialist skills that can be called upon to cover the in-house resource skills gap.

For project work, in particular, you do not need a full-time employee or even the long-term commitment of a part-time employee.

Your requirement is for 5 hours per week or 1 Hour a Day.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants and contracting remote workers allow you to remain flexible and use scalable resources use as much or as little as you need.

For more detailed information, please see this handy resource; How much money will I save by hiring a Virtual Assistant?, which also includes the following graphic created by the most excellent Savvy School.

Notes on the above graphic

  • The average hourly rate for virtual assistants has been calculated across what is currently being charged in the New Zealand VA industry.
  • Sick Pay is calculated at 10 days per year, as per new legislation coming in this year.
  • Hours Per Year Worked is 2,080 hours, minus leave and public holidays for employees. 
  • Hours Per Year Worked for a VA has been calculated at 520, as 10 hours per week can be the equivalent of a full-time employee role when the workload is streamlined, automation is implemented and an experienced specialist is undertaking the tasks.

Don't be afraid of change

... and let us save you One Hour a Day.