Life Administration

What is Life Admin?

Life Admin has been termed “the office work of life.”

The type of work that personal assistants or office managers the world over, have been doing for the managers for decades! Not everyone can afford a personal assistant to manage their lives for them. However, to be able to function at optimal levels in business/home, sometimes we need a bit of assistance with keeping our lives ticking over seamlessly.

Life admin isn’t someone doing your chores for you, like grocery shopping, cleaning the house or gardening for you. However, it is having someone who organises those tasks for you. Creating a shopping list, researching the best-reviewed and cost-effective cleaning company in your area and selecting the day/time they will magically appear to clean and tidy your home, having a gardening service come in with a list of jobs that need to be done and take the green waste away with them. These are all life admin tasks. Essentially, it involves the mental work to get something done.

Inhale, Exhale - Repeat

  • Arranging bills to be paid
  • Filling out applications for schools, scholarships, and after-school activities
  • Reminders for you to pay your taxes
  • Diary and calendar management – scheduling personal appointments
  • Managing health care and health insurance matters
  • Making appointments for doctors, dentists, school, hairdressers etc.
  • Calling/emailing customer support
  • Arranging shopping returns
  • Planning parties
  • Planning holidays and making reservations for the trip
  • Planning and managing home improvement projects
  • Planning meals and making shopping lists for the week
  • Managing household utilities
  • Planning/purchasing gifts
  • Planning and coordinating social events
  • RVSP-ing for social events
  • Managing household supplies
  • Pricing from $60 + GST per hour.