Editing and Proofreading

This includes but is not limited to document review, creation, recreation (from a visual), adding editable fields and formatting.

If you hire us to review your documents or website, we'll ensure your work has a consistent flow so that it's easy for anyone to follow. We'll also be sure to catch any grammatical or spelling errors that may have crept in!

How does the editing process work?

We will make a full and detailed review of your writing through line-by-line scrutiny of the text, giving close attention to style, tone of voice and phrases. This includes sentence and paragraph structures, transitions, word choices and tone, spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalisation and vocabulary.


Writing needs to flow, make sense, and be accurate.

We work with you to enhance your writing and check the fine details. We read it line-by-line to ensure it has a natural flow, your message is clear, in the right tone and the details are consistent and well organised throughout the document.

We'll also check for spelling and grammar and edit where necessary. This process is important for sign off before it's ready and sent off for printing.


Regardless of the format, whether it's – an e-book or a technical process document, it needs to be accurate and as error-free as possible.

Once your documents are edited it makes sense to complete the job with professional proofreading and make the final checks before it heads to print or is uploaded to the internet. We will double check that the spelling and grammar is correct and that everything's consistent and ready for sign off.

  •  SOPs, Business Plans, Tender documents etc.
  •  Manuscripts
  •  CVs or Recruitment cover letters
  •  Websites
  •  E-books or online courses

Pricing from $60 + GST per hour.