Virtual Services for your Business

1 Hour a Day

Business Administration   -   Editing & Proofing   -   Life Administration

Maintain your work life balance and give yourself direction.

What we offer

1 Hour a Day provide a broad range of Virtual Services.

When life or work get too busy and you don't have the time to do your own admin, we provide the platform for your business to grow in a structured, manageable way.

We give you direction through our:

  • Business Processes
  • Workflows
  • Manuals & Documentation
  • Websites

What we do

We give you time. The time to focus on your core business and other aspects of your life.

We work remotely, which means, although we do have an actual office, we're flexible.

We are organisers. We create the templates and documentation that keep you safe, keep you legal and keep you organised, because these things are probably not your strength.