Stepping back to gain perspective

Creating mental space for creativity to flow

Let’s be honest, straight off – I’ve felt like the past two years have been difficult to experience (Covid, missed honeymoon, years missed out on with family etc.) and yet so enlightening. Freeing and yet so isolating.

In 2019, I had been working for a VA agency and midway through 2020, the timing felt right to exit and move on to brighter opportunities, like running our own Virtual Assistance company. So, two weeks before our first lockdown here in NZ (March 2020), my husband and I registered our business 1 Hour A Day Ltd and haven’t looked back. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there have been days, weeks, and months when I’ve wanted to pack it all in. Others, not so much. The flexibility and freedom of working for myself bring all the joy and light to my days. Doing the work, I love captivates me and often I enter a state of flow.  

Of late, I’ve had clients sign up and sign out – some were out of my control and others just weren’t the right fit. And believe me, fit is everything! You need to align with your clients, and they need to align with you and your values.

We are making some major changes to our services and my husband is stepping back from an active role in the business to a director-only role. I’m going to be running our business on my terms. I can’t tell you how freeing that is as well as freaking scary. I am blessed with amazing support from my husband, my VA Beastie and my fabulous social media manager – I know they have my back.

Move forward with dignity and grace

I now have this amazing opportunity to start again with all my experience and use my knowledge base to emerge motivated and full of positivity. However, I’m tired and a tad overwhelmed. So, I’m stepping back a wee bit – not too far, as I lose sight of my wonderful clients or the fast-paced industry I work in, but far enough to give myself a breather and spend actual focused time on defining my services, updating my website and tapping into all my years of study (I am the Queen of Geek).

Sometimes, all we need is a step back to gain perspective so we can move forward with dignity and grace.

So that is what I will be doing.

I’ll be back soon; you won’t have time to miss me.

With gratitude,