Website Creation

We build clean, functional, branded websites that are cost effective on the pocket and easy on the eye.

Our preferred tool for building sites is Rocketspark. It's a really cool system that was built right here, in New Zealand.

Rocketspark make it easier and more affordable for businesses to have a beautiful and effective website. It allows you to easily make small changes yourself, without knowing how to do the technical stuff, which fits right in with Steve's love of "non-technical, technical" stuff!

Get in touch with us and we'll happily show you some of our client work!

Fast & Beautifully Designed

Our sites are designed to be balanced.

They don't take too long to build, they don't cost too much and they strike a balance between form and function.

In short, you will get an easy to use, good looking website that is affordable and functional.

Online Selling made Easy

If you want to sell your products online, you want to get it right and it needs to be easy to update. 

Rocketspark makes it easy to become an online retailer and start selling your products and 1 Hour a Day have the e-commerce and retail knowledge to build your site and support you.

Optimised for Mobile

Up to 70% of your customers will view your website on their phone.

If your web designer is talking 'mobile' as an after thought, you're probably using the wrong company.

Our site designs are optimised for mobile use making the user experience painless!

​Prices from:

  • $650 + GST for a 1 page site
  • $1250 + GST for a 3 page site
  • $2500 + GST for a 10 page site
  • E-Commerce site pricing available on request.